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"Have Your Say" - our biggest and most important survey ever!

Dear Parent – Carers,

We want to collect your views so that we can go to Dorset Local Authority (DCC) and Dorset Clinical Commissioning group (CCG) with evidence of what families are telling us. We need to reach as many parents and carers as possible and to represent our special educational needs and disability community as a COLLECTIVE VOICE!

To do this we have put together a comprehensive online survey. For this reason, the survey is best completed on a computer than a hand-held device or mobile phone. If you feel you require a paper copy please contact:

The survey is for parents and carers of children or young people age 0-25 with special educational needs or a disability, with or without a statement or Education Health & Care plan. Your feedback is important to us!

You can either complete the whole questionnaire or choose sections most relevant to you. The survey covers a wide range of services across education, health and social care and many other touchpoints in a parent-carer’s life.

At the end of the survey we ask for your name and address. You need only supply this if you are a member of DPCC or The Xchange and you wish to claim a £5.00 gift voucher as a thank you from Dorset Parent Carer Council.

We do recognise that many of families have more than one son or daughter with additional needs. However, as this is a comprehensive survey we have decided to keep one questionnaire per child/young person.

If you wanted to tell us about more than one child/young person you will need to complete a separate questionnaire.

The survey will run from 29th January 2018 until Friday 19th March 2018

We really do thank you for participating, for leaving your views and for your time.

Best Wishes

Dorset Parent Carer Council

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