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We’d really like to know what you think,
whether you are a member of DPCC or not

We’re here to help shape services in Dorset for families with children who have additional needs or are disabled. If you feel you have anything that might help with this, please do let us know.

This means that we are keen to hear from you about any issues, problems or concerns you have about services for children and young people in Dorset who have additional needs or are disabled or that affect their parents or carers or the people who work with them.

We can take your feedback to the people and organisations that provide our local services. This could be Dorset Council services, the local health or education services, local Short Break providers and even venues that you may visit.
Of course, it’s also good to feedback praise and compliments to those who deserve it so you can use the form to provide that as well.

So, please use the form below to tell us what you think about local services for disabled children: what’s good, what’s bad and what could be improved. We’d really like to hear from you.

By completing this form you are giving consent for us to use your data as specified in our privacy policy for website and social media. You can read about this here.


Feedback Form

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