Our aim is to help improve the life and opportunities for families and children and young people in Dorset with additional needs or disabilities


Who are we?

Mission Statement

The Dorset Parent Carer Council was formed in June 2009 and so far, have over 700 members spread across the whole of Dorset. Our membership is growing daily.

We are made up of parents and carers of children who have a variety of special needs from complex medical to challenging behaviour to learning or physical difficulties and more.

Our aim is to help improve the lives and opportunities for families and children and young people age 0-25 years who are disabled in Dorset. We are doing this by being a voice to inform all agencies and services about the needs of disabled children and their families in Dorset.

We are already members of several professional boards and are receiving invites weekly to become involved with other services and agencies providing information, telling them what matters to us and questioning their plans.

We are always looking for parents and carers who want to help us make a difference. If you have any time to spare (we know it's hard to find), please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to chat with you.

Join Us 

The Dorset Parent-Carer Council aims to:

  • Provide a united voice by creating a forum for parents and carers views

  • Work in partnership with departments of Health, Education, Child and Family Services, the Voluntary Sector and all other children’s services providers

  • Gather information from parents and carers and highlight common issues

  • Work at national and local authority level representing the views of parents and carers on services for our children, young people and families

  • Meet regularly as a council Keep parents informed on a regular basis

  • Recognise and value the diverse needs of individual families

  • Strive for the benefit of all children and young people with disabilities and their families, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, background, gender, sexual orientation or any other disciminatory factor.

Working for the parents and carers of disabled children and young people in Dorset “We need to make the opportunity for all parents' voices to be heard. Through the formation of this Council we are starting that process.”


What we do?

The Dorset Parent Carer Council represents your views in a number of ways:


These can be a one off or a series of meetings that look at a very specific topic or concern and will generally have a range of relevant people there and specific things to look at.

Working Groups

This is a group containing all the key people involved in that service, of which a parent is one, that meets to look at specific services or element or documentation of that service and usually meets for a set number of times or has a specific task or job to do within a set time scale.

Steering Group

This is a group containing key people involved in that service, of which a parent is also one, that looks at a specific service or part of and collectively shapes the way that service continues and is shaped or developed in the future. They usually have meetings at regular intervals of 4 to 6 weeks and can continue for the duration of the project or service. 


We are often asked if we can provide a parent representative to sit on an interview panel where the post directly or indirectly would be working with disabled children and their families. These happen as and when jobs are advertised and are for ALL services - Local Authority, Health & Voluntary.

Talking at conferences and being part of training

Delivered to practitioners from all sectors.


This is where a service provider has asked for parent carer’s views on a specific service and can be done individually or in small or large groups. Services providers may or may not be present.

Speaking at an event about your experience as a parent carer

This can be in small or large groups. 

If you have any questions about what the DPCC does or would like to get more involved please contact us and we would love to hear from you.